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Interested in auditioning? 

Here are some important things to consider before auditioning:

  • must be able to commit to all rehearsals and performances

  • must have dependable transportation

  • must be well-behaved and able to follow direction

  • must sing, dance, and read from script at the audition 

  • must be a team player who gets along well with others

  • YOUTH 8-12 must prepare the required song (CLICK HERE)

  • TEENS must prepare 2 songs (one up-tempo and one ballad, 32 measures each) for vocal auditions; an accompanist will be provided 

  • TEENS must register for a VOCAL audition appointment HERE

REPEAT: must be able to commit to all rehearsals and performances! 

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It takes proper preparation to present a solid audition.  Don't wake up the day of auditions and decide what to do. Take time now to choose your song, practice it, notate your music, and think about how you want to present yourself. Don't have a song?


We've provided a list of great song choices for boys, girls, and both. And if worse comes to worse, you can always sing "When You Wish Upon A Star" -- the sheet is provided.  


Cultural Arts Center Charleston 

2070 Sam Rittenberg Blvd, Suite A-112

Enter the Southeast Entrance of the Citadel Mall and walk diretly ahead. 

  • Parents should review the Auditionee Commitment Form with their young performer to ensure the commitment is understood before they audition.

  • Prepare two songs that you are very familiar with: one ballad (slow) and one up-tempo (moderately fast).

    • Choose songs that fits your vocal style and range and in musical theater style

    • Do not choose a pop, rap, or heavy-metal songs

    • Memorize at least 32 bars (measures) of your songs; but, you should memorize the whole song

  • Don’t know what to sing? CLICK HERE for some suggestions if you are just starting out.

  • You may not sing acapella (without music). CACC provides an accompanist, so bring sheet music with you. Sheet music is easy to find online. MusicNotes.com is a great resource. CACC provides one song option, When You Wish Upon A Star.

  • Always, always, always prepare your sheet music and bring it with you! Indicate notations (where to start, where to stop). Ensure your sheet music is the correct key. NEVER ask an accompanist to transpose for you at an audition. 

  • Warm up your vocal chords before arriving for your audition. 

  • Come dressed with a flattering, smart, casual outfit. An audition is an opportunity to properly present yourself. You will have time to quickly change for any dance audition.

  • If coming to a dance audition, bring your dance shoes (jazz and tap, if you have them) or wear shoes that you can dance in (no uggs, heels, flip-flops) 

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Click the image above and review the attached document to learn what to expect at the audition and how to prepare.


Click the image above to complete and print the Audition Form. Bring this with you to auditions. Copies will be provided at auditions, so this is not required. 

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Click the image above and review the attached document to learn about the commitment required of each cast member.

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These song choices are provided as examples of songs to sing. None are required.

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  1. “When I Grow Up”- Matilda the Musical

  2. “Edelweiss”- The Sound Of Music

  3. “Who Will Buy?”- Oliver!

  4. “Getting to Know You”- The King and I

  5. “Happiness”- You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

  6. “I Won’t Grow Up” - Peter Pan

  7. “Put On a Happy Face”- Bye Bye Birdie


  1. “If I Only Had Brain(Heart)” - Wizard of Oz

  2. “A Round Shouldered Man” - The Secret Garden

  3. “My Best Girl” - Mame

  4. “Gary, Indiana” - The Music Man

  5. “Different”- Honk!

  6. “The Bare Necessities”- The Jungle Book

  7. “A Letter from Charlie Bucket”- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the Musical



  1. “I Always Knew”- Annie Warbucks

  2. “The Girl I Mean To Be” - The Secret Garden

  3. “Let Me Entertain You” - Gypsy

  4. “Reflection” - Mulan

  5. “The World Above” - The Little Mermaid

  6. “On the Good Ship Lollipop” - Shirley Temple

  7. “Hard Knock Life” - Annie

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Click the image for sheet music provided as a courtesy.

Teens should also prepare 32 bars of a personal selection, but must bring sheet music with you.