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The Cultural Arts Youth Theater enables young performers from the age of 7 1/2 to 18 to embark on a learning and growing experience that will help build life-long skills: patience, teamwork, attention to detail, creative thinking, public speaking, confidence, and many more!


And they get to that while having fun and putting on a show!

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At Cultural Arts Youth Theater, we inspire Cast Members to L.E.A.P. to new heights.


L.E.A.P. is a theatre-arts educational process developed by Scott Pfeiffer, Executive Director of the Cultural Arts Center. Each Cast Member will participate in activities and/or theatre games that will enable them to:

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Gain new skills; including theatrical (voice, dance, acting), social, physical, and cognitive skills

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Use creative thinking to try different things in a peer-judgement-free, safe environment

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Put skills to the test during the rehearsal process and fine-tune them with direction; breakdown self-created barriers


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Execute what is learned with confidence and self-assuredness gained through rehearsals

Throughout the process, Cast Members will learn much about what it takes to be a performer and to participate in the mounting of a production.


Whether it’s a “young performer” production cast only with those aged 7.5 to 18, or if it’s a Main Stage or Summer Stock production that has young performers working alongside Broadway credited professional performers and many local professional performers, the stage (and backstage, too!) is an exciting and fun-filled way to grow!

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Started in 2018, The Newcomer Award is peer-nominated recognition for a cast member who has never performed with CACC's Youth Theater (know prior as James Island Junior Theater). A newcomer is someone who has never performed with CACC. They may have performed elsewhere or this may be their first production ever. Cast members who have performed in at least two consecutive productions are qualified to nominate a newcomer for the Newcomer Award. 


When choosing a Newcomer to nominate, qualifying cast member considers these important elements:

  • They were prepared for and attend all scheduled rehearsals

  • They had a high-degree of attention and listened well

  • They quickly took direction and applied corrections

  • They learned how to, or demonstrated that they can, project, sing out, learn lyrics and harmonies, and execute blocking and choreography

  • They had strong stage presence and energy throughout rehearsals and all performances

  • They developed a character that was specific for them

  • They were consistently well-behaved

  • They got along well with others

  • They exemplified all aspects of theatre etiquette

  • They were helpful when at the theatre and were a good Center Citizen

  • They properly maintained their wardrobe and dressing room station

  • They are seen as someone who can continue to be a positive influence on others

Newcomer Award - WOZ2018 - Marley.jpg

Marley Mendes

Wizard of Oz --  February 2018

L to R: Daniel Bittick (stage manager), Scott Pfeiffer (Director), Marley Mendes (Newcomer Award Recipient), Savannah Schoenborn (choreographer), Andrea Roule (music director)

Newcomer Award - PPJ2018 - Autumn Waddel

Autumn Waddell

Peter Pan --  April 2018

L to R: Kirk Pfeiffer (Artistic Director, Choreographer); Scott Pfeiffer (Director), Daniel Bittick (stage manager), Autumn Waddell (Newcomer Award Recipient), Derek Alverson (Lighting and Sound) Savannah Schoenborn (Asst. Choreographer), Andrea Roule (Music Director)

Nyla Morton

Hairspray -- July 2018

Lauren Mummert

Addams Family -- October 2018

Mataya Newton-Denila

Mary Poppins Jr. -- October 2019

L to R: Daniel Bittick (stage manager); Scott Pfeiffer (Director); Mataya Newton-Denila; Tiffany West (Asst Choreographer); Kirk Pfeiffer Artistic Director). 

Nyala Morton with Director, Scott Pfeiffer, upon receiving her Newcomer Award. 

Lauren Mummert with Director, Scott Pfeiffer, upon receiving her Newcomer Award.