Community Classes 

A progressive series of educational workshops that follows CACC's very own syllabus developed by
Artistic Director and Broadway Veteran,
Kirk Sprinkles Pfeiffer. The Workshop ends with CACC's unique CUPCAKE CABARET
Registration is still open
for Workshop 3!

March 10 - April 19

Tuesdays & Thursdays 4:15p-6:15p


We focus on the "three Es" (Emotion - Energy - Execution) and their relationship to the "3 arts" (Singing, Acting, and Dance). Beginning and advanced students learn to 1) identify emotions, 2) define the emotion's energy, and 3) execute the line, movement or lyric based on the energy.

Classes are open to all levels (ages 8 to 16) and may be grouped by experience and maturity. Class assessments are made after the first week of classes. In the event a student​



Two 1 1/2 hour sessions each week every Tuesday and Thursday with rotating technique classes in vocal performance, acting, theatre jazz, and tap.

All classes are taught by a faculty of qualified, trained educators, who are passionate about teaching including Broadway veteran and NYC producer Kirk Sprinkles Pfeiffer. 

For information give us a call or drop by the Center. 

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