Join us in the Big HeART Fund Drive
and help bring the arts to
elementary students in South Carolina!

We have some incredibly exciting news to share with you, our closest friends: C-PAC has been offered a


Four-to-One $50,000 Challenge Grant!


This means that for every dollar we raise, our Donor will match it with FOUR DOLLARS up to $50,000! Every dollar you give becomes $5.00 for C-PAC.  This grant will launch a thrilling new program and concept for not only our local elementary students but the entire state of South Carolina!

Can you believe it?!
We are singing and dancing with excitement!

With this incredible challenge gift, we will be able to reach more children, more schools, more teachers, and more  parents, to make a larger impact. Artistic & Program Director, Kirk Pfeiffer, has been working with songwriter and playwright Karen Sokolof Javitch to develop a free program that will provide students, teachers, and parents the tools to learn isolated subjects such as mathematics, science, and history through "edutainment"!

Once launched in South Carolina, we will expand nationally – bringing the arts to children across the country. Did you know that 97% of elementary schools nationwide don’t offer dance and 96% don’t offer theater? A program like the one we are developing will have a tremendous impact and change those statistics! Exposure to the arts increases academic achievement, developmental skills, school attendance and the likelihood of graduating from high school and college.

Karen Sokolof Javitch is a playwright and songwriter and has self-produced four original musicals and 14 CDs for children. She is a former school teacher whose passion for children and music ignited her career in the music and theatre industries. She is a mother of three and a grandmother of two. Karen is thrilled to collaborate with Kirk to launch this national and innovative children’s arts program!

WE NEED YOU! Every dollar you contribute will earn four matching dollars from this Challenge Grant donor! Simply click "I Want to Help!" below to help fund this exciting new program.

Thank you for considering a donation to Charleston Performing Arts Center. We know you are passionate about the impact school arts have on our children – we thank you for all you have already done!

Happy Holidays from C-PAC!